Attack of the 50ft Woman

 Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, performance, duration: 20 minutes, 2019

I apply lipstick using a remote control car and eye shadow with weights made from coat racks. I create a soundscape with children’s toys, electronic pencil sharpeners and an amplified dildo. Attaching an ice lolly to the remote control car, I sit with my legs open and drive it into my crotch leaving stains on my legs. Then I attach the car to a leather choker and it drags me along the path on a skateboard. This took place in a car park that is no longer open to cars.

Recreational Grounds V © DATEAGLE ART 2019_13.jpg
Recreational Grounds V © DATEAGLE ART 2019_23.jpg

Performed for Recreational Grounds V curated by DATEAGLE ART, 2019

Photos by DATEAGLE ART and Jon Baker