Commodity Dreamgirls Recess Forever

Commodity Dreamgirls Recess For Ever (How can I Help?), performance, duration: 15 minutes, 2019

I read from Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle website 'Goop’. I focus on an article recommending that women, inspired by the concubines of Chinese Emperors, insert $60 jade eggs into their vaginas as a ‘spiritual detox’ and in order to strengthen ‘sex muscles’, making them look younger with smoother skin.

Whilst reading, I move my legs in front of a projector and camera, making a looped image. I remove my shirt revealing the text ‘I prefer a hammer’ written in lipstick on my chest. Then I take a hammer from my vagina and use it to smash an LED scrolling name badge that I am wearing. It reads ‘How can I Help?’. I finally write ‘Commodity dream girls recess forever’ on the projected screen with lipstick. 


Shown as part of 'I Come In The End. The Best Is Over'. Dyson Gallery. December 2017. Photos by Masayuki Watanabe.