False Efficiency

False Efficiency, performance, duration: 15min, 2018

The viewers enter to find me sitting on a table, reading Ivanka Trump’s book ‘Women Who Work’ and aggressively crossing and uncrossing my legs. I attempt to walk with the book balanced on my head, aggressively curtsey and continuously ‘slut drop’ until exhausted. Placing a shoe in my mouth and vagina, I then repeatedly stamp my thighs with ‘approved’ signs.

Using sensors and microphones on my body and the table, an unsettling soundscape is created as I perform the gestures. It builds in intensity at moments of increased movement. The stamp cues whispered phrases from Ivanka’s book. These were chosen for their corporate jargon, aspirational nature or gendered associations.

Made in collaboration with programmer and sound artist Will Primett. Shown as part of the ‘Youth Board Presents’ at Toynbee Studios. April 2018. Photos by Greg Goodale.



4:53 excerpt. Filmed by Kit Mead.