Material Girls Dancing With Real Girls Dancing With Ideal Girls

Material Girl, performance, duration: 10 minutes, 2017

I use make-up remover to transfer the mascara from my eyes onto circular pads. I stick these to the back of my beret. Turning around so that they look like eyes on the back of my head, I repeatedly compress a foot pump, meaning that my hips move as though I were seductively dancing. I continue this until the balloon at the end of the pump bursts.

Then I remove a white beach ball from my belt. Placing it on the floor, I crouch over, breathing in and out of the ball so that my face is engulfed. I then place it on my head, letting the air out so that it becomes a new beret. Finally, lifting up my skirt I repeatedly curtsey, revealing my crotch which is covered with a silver scouring pad in the shape of a heart. 


Performed in 'Standing Block' at  Lincoln Projects. December 2017. Photos by Henri Kisielewski.